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Why I Created Waddles Diapers

Why I Created Waddles Diapers

It was a Friday afternoon, four days after my son was born, and I was stressed. Moments before I was discharged, I was required to make my son’s first doctor’s appointment. I had researched several options months ago and selected the pediatrician of my choice, but unfortunately, they were booked. My son was required to have his first appointment within the same week he was born. Who knew? I was exclusively breastfeeding, so they wanted to make sure he was gaining weight with my milk. If not, they would advise me to include formula. Although I was uneasy about seeing another doctor, I was more stressed because I had to pack a diaper bag for the first time. I wondered what to pack! After hours of debating and second-guessing myself, I packed the entire nursery into my diaper bag.

I finally left the house, knowing we would be late. When I know I’m running late, anxiety sets in, and I begin to regret sleeping a little longer, scrolling on social media, and not getting ready earlier. I was a little ashamed to be late for my son’s very first appointment. Was I not ready for motherhood? No one talks about the struggles in getting you, the baby, and a diaper bag ready every time you step out of the house. After a few more late appointments, I knew there had to be a better way. And that’s when Waddles was born.

I created Waddles Diapers because I wanted to provide an easy, grab-n-go solution for moms. As a newlywed and first-time mom, I juggled many things. When it’s time to head out with your little one, whether to a doctor’s appointment, visiting family, or daycare, having everything you need ready to go is super helpful. A grab-and-go diaper bag is one less thing to do. I’ve heard many say they planned and packed a diaper bag the night before with extras. Whether it takes you ten minutes or two hours, I want to give you that time back. If there is anything a mom could use more of its time, time could be spent playing more with your little one, making a second cup of coffee, or enjoying a moment to yourself.

Waddles Diaper kits are filled with the essential items needed for diaper changes. Every kit includes diapers, wipes, and disposable bags. These eco-friendly kits allow you to pack light (no more bag lady here) and be prepared for those just-in-case moments because they will happen. Our goal is to make the lives of families with babies easy, especially moms. We love Dads too, but typically they do not pack diaper bags, and if they do, we spot check after them.

If you’d like to get more time back or help a mommy friend of yours, head over to www.waddlesdiapers.com and grab the perfect time-saving essential kit.

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